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Best Bet In The Twin Cities!

Running Aces Harness Park’s high-energy, cutting-edge card room provides pulsating action from our Las Vegas-style games with no commission and no antes featuring:

  • Blackjack
  • Blackjack Switch
  • *NEW* Single & Double Deck Blackjack
  • *NEW* $2 Blackjack
  • Free Bet Blackjack
  • Pai Gow
  • Mississippi Stud
  • 3-Card Poker
  • 4-Card Poker
  • Ultimate Texas Hold'em™
  • EZ Baccarat


The Blackjack odds are stacked in your favor!

  • *NEW* Lucky Lucky Side Bet - Win up to $5,000!
  • Split aces up to three times at any blackjack game
  • *NEW* Single and double deck blackjack games open
  • *NEW* $2 Blackjack games

EZ Baccarat 

  • Dragon 7 Side Bet
  • Panda 8 Side Bet 

EZ Pai Gow

  • Dynasty Side Bet
  • Pai Gow Protection Side Bet
  • Queen Dragon Side Bet 

Single & Double Deck Blackjack

Single & Double Deck Blackjack

Now Dealing Our Newest Game!

Featuring no antes!

$2 Blackjack

$2 Blackjack


Featuring no antes!

Aces Rewards New Member Special

Aces Rewards New Member Special

Joining is FREE and the rewards are great!

All new members have a chance to win gaming coupons, food, or cash up to $500 just for signing up!

Click here to join the Aces Rewards club or visit the Aces Rewards Front Desk.
If you register online, pick up your card and mystery ticket at the front desk the next time you visit.

Management reserves all rights.

Running Aces Jackpots

Running Aces Jackpots

You could be our next BIG winner!

Mississippi Stud: $67,581

3 Card: $1,522

4 Card (DEQ):$10,962

Ultimate Texas Hold'em (DEQ): $35,338

Fortune Pai Gow: $58,465

EZ Pai Gow: $68,266

Blackjack Switch Progressive: $27,199

Texas Hold'em Progressive Bad Beat Jackpot: $43,167

Stud Progressive Bad Beat: $1,268

Omaha Progressive Bad Beat: $7,252

Daily Poker Promos

7 Days A Week in March

$50 Splash Pots | 9am-2pm (Every 15 Mins.)

$50 Aces Cracked | 9am-3pm ($1,000 Min. Payout)
Mystery Envelopes | 5pm Start (50 Cash Prize Winners)

$100 High Hand | 9am-3pm (Every Half Hour)

$50 Splash Pots | 9am-2pm (Every 15 Mins.)
Aces Full Board | 5pm Start (12 Hands Win $100)

Mystery Envelopes | 9am Start (50 Cash Prize Winners)

$50 Aces Cracked | 9am-3pm ($1,000 Min. Payout)

$100 High Hand | 9am-3pm (Every Half Hour)
Aces Full Board | 5pm Start (12 Hands Win $100)

Plus, Earn $2/HR 24/7 on Live Poker Games!

Management reserves all rights.

Late Night Poker Promos

7 Days A Week In March

$50 High Hand
Monday-Friday: 1am-9am
Satuday & Sunday: 2am-9am

Progressive Board
Every Night: 1am-9am
Spread Limit 50% Bonus for 2/100 Games and up!

FREE Breakfast
Daily at 7:30am to all 2/100 & 5/100 seated players

Management reserves all rights.

St. Paddy's Lucky Pick

Get Lucky Twice In March!

Earn 150 Pit Tier Points or 12 Poker Tier Points and play our Lucky Pick Game on Jack the Kiosk for your chance to WIN:

  • $1,000 Cash
  • "Get Lucky" Hoodie
  • Mystery Prize
  • $10 Match Bet

Management reserves all rights.

Aces Instant Win

Your Favorite Game Just Got Better!

*24/7 in March*

Play any game in the Pit for a chance to WIN MORE CASH just for getting ACES in your hand!

  • Blackjack: 2 Ace of Spades Wins $25
  • Blackjack: 3 Ace of Diamonds Wins $500
  • 3 Card Poker: 3 Aces Wins $500
  • 4 Card Poker: 3 Aces Wins $25
  • Pai Gow: 4 Aces Wins $200
  • Mississippi Stud: 3 Aces Wins $25*
  • Ultimate Hold'em: 3 Aces Wins $25*
  • EZ Baccarat: 3 Aces drawn by
    Player or Banker Wins $25*
    *We will pay the table if 3 Aces hit on the board

Management reserves all rights.

Pull Tabs

Pull Tabs


Paper pull tabs and electronic pull tabs (E-tabs) are now available in the Bar / Simulcast area!

Running Aces & Lakes Area Youth Service Bureau have partnered together to offer charitable gaming.
Play E-Tabs and help LAYSB "Ensure the Success of Youth through Relationships, Involvement, and Learning."

Management reserves the right to amend rules, cancel or change promotions at any time. Must be 18 years or older.